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Employee Leasing Fund


Employee Leasing Fund (ELF) has the solution for the time consuming task of payroll and payroll reporting. ELF will save you time and money along with relieving you of the frustration of payroll paperwork.


All you have to do is provide ELF with your employee(s) payroll information: (W-4 and I-9 forms and identification, wage rate and hours worked) and ELF will prepare your payroll checks and give you a statement showing your payroll costs.


Employee Leasing Fund services include:

  • Federal and State payroll tax deposits

  • Quarterly Reports

  • Worker's Compensation Coverage and Reporting

  • Year end W-2's and Annual Reports


Using ELF for your payroll needs will give you time to devote to your business.


To Get Signed up Today Call to Set up an Appointment.
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